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A series called “The Birds”. Starting with an altered book concept I imagined what would happen if the book’s illustrations became animate and escaped. A book entitled “Birds of the Heath and Marshlands” inspired the bird theme:

The first sculpture in the series captures the moment of a fourth bird bursting from the book. Three other birds watch in a curious yet dispassionate manner. Remnants of bookish existence persevere in their feet and feathers; some have retained their illustration number.

The second sculpture shows two escaped birds flying across a representation of ‘human endeavour’. Illustrative bits and pieces from many cultures and histories symbolize the world in entirety as the birds explore their new freedom.

The third sculpture captures a comedic moment of an encounter between a bird and a badminton birdie. The bird is curious about this object, but one wonders, as it has come from a book, does it understand what it is looking at? This particular shuttlecock is made of bird feathers, in this case which of them is closer to being ‘real’. What other objects will the bird encounter next?

The remaining birds are flying in a flock of solidarity:
“Duet” have added their voices to the overall symphony. Many thanks to my friend who found a crate full of 88 piano keys! I may be working towards a very large flock!

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