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‘The eye of the storm sees things differently’

Starting as an exploration of media, during a cold and wintery evening, the notion of ‘storm’ rose from the ink spots. The ‘eye of the storm’ is a calm, yet dangerous place in the middle of a hurricane. My inclination to animate things, made me wonder, if you were literally, the eye looking out at the chaos in our world today what would you see? And with the detached and enduring view point of nature, wherein a human is a small (though significant en-mass) entity in the universe, does this put into context our human challenges?

It was created on a whim, in answer to an art call that drifted into my inbox. I took my envelope to the post office and mailed it to Viseu, Portugal.I expected it would get lost in the Atlantic or for sure in customs.
But it made it!

I did this, as a pledge to the day I could travel to this beautiful place in a country of which I have good memories. One day I’ll see QUINTA DA CRUZ – CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER

Viseu 2020 – Light, Camera, Action
Viseu, Portugal
Feb 2021

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